Wars will be fought

Wars will be fought

A young man was killed
His body was lying in the bed
Assasins came before sunrise
And a pullet in his head…

He was killed for no reason
He was just a by stander
21 yrs of a human life
Wasted in a second what for??

There were people around
around his dead body
No signs of sorrow in their eyes
Cuz it’s not new in this valley

Tears were dried up long before
Death toll gives no more pain
All of them are habituated
But they are not insane

In the eyes of a particular boy
There was glimpse of vengance
May be the dead man was dear to him
and he is missing his presence

I wonder how another day would be
One more bullet will be shot
And rivalries will flourish hatred will never end
and Wars will always be fought…


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2 Responses to “Wars will be fought”

  1. Muna Says:

    HI Prajeet,
    Its really trouching, and true too. May i know about you? i read many of your poems. they are really nice. i liked them


  2. prajeet Says:

    Hi Muna,
    thanx for liking my poems..i appreciate it very much…nd I am motivated…M not..much into poems n literature though…but…i write these when i have sudden urge to write n…when i get inspired by something…which could be just anything…n generally in my poems….i try to carry some msg to the readers…I mostly write poems..with optimism…and hope…

    thanx again Muna.
    N if u like to know more abt me u could mail me in pralead@hotmail.com…but…what u see is not always what u get 🙂

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