sf]nfxndo cft+ssf] lardf
x/]z gvfO{ a( ltdL
cfpg]% Ps lbg
hLjgsf] :jklgn cWofo
kL/ dfg]/ pbf;Lg gxf]pm
:jR%gb xf+;f] xf+;
cfuf] a;{{g% cfsfzaf^
t/ g*Udufp gdfg eo
rf/}lt/ ltd|f] nfzsf] vft xf]nf
d?e’lddo df^f] /utn] leHnf
t/ oL b[Zo vKg g;s]/
a]xf]z gxf]p ltdL
Hof]ltk’`h agL rlDs/xg’
#g#f]/ c+Wof/f] a]nf
hLGbuL eg]s} xf] cfzf
Tofu ltdL dgaf^ lg/fzf
of] sxfnL nfUbf] /ft ;+w} /xGg
cfpg]% ef]ln lztn piff


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4 Responses to “ASHA”

  1. kikoki Says:

    hey dude, u got good stuffs goin on in here, keep it up, keep the good work, i see lots of potential in you,who knows if you keep on doing what you are doing,you might be at the place where you should be. good luck in your future endeavours.and good job.

  2. Ashok Says:

    Really, this is best one. I liked it. I think, u r so optimistic….

  3. Saanz Says:

    got bit carried away.. felt like a friend was reciting a poem for me. Sometimes when a strangers feels the pain it is rewarding enough.

    carry on and i have eyes to read.

  4. prakash Says:

    which font do i need to download ?iam unable to see ya poems..please suggest..

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